Bedroom Makeovers on a Whim: NOYO Headboards With Interchangeable Slipcovers

October 23, 2013 at 8:34 am


NOYO Home Décor creates custom headboards that can give any bedroom the personality it deserves. NOYO’s slipcover headboard design makes bedroom makeovers as easy as changing the sheets. With over 100 different design solutions for all ages and styles- from whimsical vintage to the bold and poetic-the user can simply pick out what fits his or her lifestyle. While NOYO draws inspiration from faraway places and bygone days, they also present cutting edge artists, both emerging and established. The NOYO website lets users browse the collection and filter artwork by artist, color and season.


Astrid Oyo (founder of NOYO) is creative, hands-on and solutions oriented. When she could not find a stylish and easy way to dress up her bed the idea for NOYO was born. Astrid designed, patented and launched a custom headboard with interchangeable slipcovers, the solution to bedroom makeovers on a whim. The NOYO headboard mounts on the wall and is independent of a bed frame. No need to buy a new bed, NOYO works with metal frames, wooden frames, platform beds or no frame at all. Buy the frame the first time then just play with new SlipArt covers and create a bedroom transformation. Prices start at $449 for a complete headboard and at $159 for slipcovers.



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  1. I shoudl confess that i have never seen anything like this before. but, i don\’t think it is comfortable to change headboards quite often.

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