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Contemporary Apartment Design Loves Contrast


Contemporary apartment design is full of bright elements and vivid contrasts. Even though shiny details and mixes of bright colors were once a taboo in apartment design, now they come into the limelight of it. Mixing these elements in a design is quite challenging and if done wrong may spoil the whole experience.

Not very spacious apartments benefit form brighter color decisions, and unusual color palette may give a modern home much more interesting nook. With new colors like lime green dark teal, and gold metallics added with neon yellow, bold designs by Brunete Fraccaroli have won many hearts.

The bright colors, according to the designer, should be added by darker elements – black or black glossy, grey, dark furniture upholstery, carpets, or walls. While the brighter interior details stand out the neutral background, the contrast itself is a sign of good taste. The vivid combination make the space organized and when played with textures of fabrics and materials, the overall effect is enhanced.

Interior decoration matters much when it comes to contemporary design. Unusual interior details like small side tables, and custom mirrors give a fashionable look. Even though the bright colors are given that much attention in modern apartment and interior design, monochrome elements have long been fashionable; they have not lost their popularity, on the contrary – when used with smart contrast, they become the limelight of the whole design.

The smart use of the space is also important – the design benefits, when mirrors and other elements are used to visually enlarge the space.

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