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Contemporary Creative Mirror Designs


While considering a new décor, it is necessary to be generous and invest into wall décor as much as necessary, as it is a significant part of the whole room, which is able to make a person forget about his everyday routine and enjoy the moment. Creative mirror designs are considered to be among the most beautiful wall decorations. In addition, it is very practical, as it fulfills the function of a mirror, being a nice wall décor at the same time. As for the sizes, there is a great variety of available options. Benjamin Graindorge rounded edged mirrors featuring an image of vague clouds. As a matter of fact, these mirrors are really incredible and can’t be regarded as a usual piece of furniture.

Present-day designers like to experiment with reflective surfaces, creating new shapes of contemporary mirrors and what not. Thus, Daniel Martinez and Jeremy Murier were inspired by nautical flags and designed a line of Signs Mirrors, made of polished copper and ceramic. These mirrors have some non-reflective areas too, which taken together create various patterns, contrasting to the mirrored areas.

Nick Ross created a really interesting design A Mirror Darkly, which is a re-interpretation of old traditions. Scientists suppose that people used a bowl with water instead of a mirror during Stone Age. Thus, the designer’s A Mirror Darkly resembles a bowl and the mirror resembles water, creating a really amazing feel and look. All in all, such mirrors will be great in any home décor, being a lot more than practical pieces.

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