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Easy Kids’ Play Kitchen


Materials Needed:
small 2-shelf bookshelf
measuring tape
ready-made fabric window topper
5/8″ staples
staple gun
8″ round metal cake pan
3/4″ drill bit
tension rod
clear-drying adhesive
small faucet
optional: scraps of wood for building faucet

Mark Placement of Sink
On top of bookshelf, trace bottom of cake pan where sink will be positioned. Allow enough room around hole so jigsaw can easily maneuver and for faucet placement.

Drill Starter Hole
With 3/4-inch drill bit, drill a hole in the approximate center of the traced sink hole.

Cut Out With Jigsaw
Insert jigsaw into center hole and carefully cut out hole for sink.

Fit Sink
Place cake pan into hole cut for sink; test for fit. The pan should slide in and out easily so it can be removed for cleaning.

Add Skirt and Faucet
Slide fabric topper onto tension rod and place rod in shelf opening. Alternately, you can simply staple fabric to underside of top shelf. Attach an old faucet to top of shelf using clear-drying adhesive or create a wooden faucet by stacking painted blocks of scrap wood.

Source: http://www.hgtv.com/

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