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Easy to Make Creative Invitation Ideas (Other Than Cards) For Party

Creative invitation ideas

I love movies. Aside from entertainment, I always leave the theatre with one or two ideas I can use in my own life. This time it was a caper thriller film “Now you see me” that made me think about creative invitation ideas.

I was impressed with the way mysterious person gathered a team of illusionists in one place. Everyone received a simple, yet unique invitation – a magic card with date and place.

Death tarot card invitation idea

That was the “Aha moment”: it struck me that the invitations design should not be limited by the traditional card form. You may take almost whatever you want to bring the message.

Still, there are some rules to follow:

  • It’s better if invitation for party is linked with its theme.
  • There should be enough objects for every guest to get one, therefore they should be cheap and easy to get.
  • Be on the same wave-length as your guests, so no one would feel offended with your creative invitation.
  • There should be no difficulty with pulling the message out of the object or reading it.
  • Consider making creative invites for small parties, as you have to hand deliver them most of the time.

Creative invitation ideas for the parties

1. Bottles and cans. Bottle invitations seem so familiar. They are mostly used for pool parties. One of my friends always brings some beach sand from her summer vacations to fill it into bottles together with other party symbols.

Pool party bottle invitation

But you can use them for 21-st birthday party (or other adult celebrations). Just take empty vodka mini bottles or beer bottles, put a piece of paper and decorate them as you like.

Vodka and liquor bottles invitations

2. Boxes and tins. Pick out simple objects where you can put your message in: little carton boxes, tea tins, tiny paper shopping bags, etc. You can make funny paper bags yourself, choosing the best invitation design and material.

Halloween box invitation idea

3. Theme objects. You can find invitation design inspiration everywhere depending on your creativity. The idea is simple: attach a message to any object you think appropriate to the party theme. One of the good invitations examples is using fruits. You can also take spoons, candies, pens, pencils, toys, everything you like.

Fruit party invitations

What do you think about these creative invitation ideas? Have you tried anything fun or original yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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