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Farewell to Summer 2013 Pool Party Ideas for Adults

Pool party ideas for adults

You have a unique opportunity to say farewell to this hot season with the summer pool party this weekend. Though we used to think about pool fun as the kid’s prerogative, adults can have a really great time as well.

Here are 5 pool party ideas for adults

1. Keep the planning process simple. Your friends are eager to see each other after summer holidays, so no formal invitation needed. It’s just enough to send a short humorous e-mail to everybody.

2. Specify the theme. It may be “How I spent my summer 2013 vacation”. Then your guests have to tell at least one funny incident that has happened to them this summer.

Sharknado-themed pool party
“Sharknado” is the hot topic as well, so you may splash a summer pool party with inflatable sharks and other huge fish-themed supplies, available at Amazon.

3. Food and drinks. It’s a pool fun for adults, so you can mix up some cocktails. Everybody seems to like sangria and margaritas, but you should also have a few types of beer and lemonade. And prepare plenty of water and ice!

Summer pool party drinks

Keep the food light, as everybody will be swimming now and then. Fruit and salads are recommended, you can also add to your menu fish or chicken.

4. Summer pool party music. Break with tradition of playing Beach Boys and other “sea/ocean” bands and songs. It’s a farewell to summer, remember? So put the summer 2013 hits in your playlist and let your friends contribute with their favorite compositions like this one.

5. Pool party games. Karaoke seems to be the must these days, as well as various water games and activities. You can add some spicy atmosphere with Miss Bikini or Mister the Best Abs contests or something like that. Remember that it should be humorous!

Sexy girls at summer pool party

Enjoy the last summer 2013 adult pool party and share your images with friends through social media. Everyone will speak about it for sure.

 Farewell summer pool party for adults

Share your creasy pool party ideas for adults with us as well.

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