Living Room Ideas: Amazon Bean Bag Chairs

February 4, 2014 at 1:33 pm

bean bag interior

If groovy seventies decor ideas are what you strive for or you just love cute furniture solutions, Amazon bean bag chairs are the best choice for you. Bean bag furniture sure settled in 21th century and became an essential decor element for many of us.

Modern bean bag chairs can be applied to create a fun decor in your living room, bedroom, kids room, and even patio. You can buy a bean bag chair of any size, form, color and fabric. Bean bag chairs are perfect to relax and look at the nature or listen ground swells in the summer night, to read your favorite book or just play with your kids.

Just imagine how many ways to use bean bag chairs you can discover.

Video Source: Bean Bag Boss

Amazon bean bag chairs

Comfort Research 4-Foot Large Fuf in Comfort Suede is great for any room you want featuring comfort and quality. Spend five minutes on a Fuf and your body will thank you for it. You always can place this Amazon bean bag chair in a bright suede fabric in a sunny corner of a family room for reading. Dress up it with pillows!

Comfort Research 4-Foot Large Fuf in Comfort Suede
  • Filled with super soft and long lasting fuf foam re-fuf again and again for custom comfort
  • Covered in soft, durable fabric
  • Great for basements, bedrooms, dorm rooms, or even the family room
  • Place it on its side for more of a lounge position or upright for more back support
  • Product dimensions: 48 x 48 x 34 inches
  • Available in assorted sizes and colors

“I bought this as a gift for our teenage son and it was perfect. At first I was a little skeptical since it was the shape of a square when it came out of the box, plus it was a little lumpy. We had to go out of town for a few days so we allowed the “bag” to fill out and when we came home it was perfect! I am guessing you have to give it a day or two to let the bag take its shape.” (by Jason R Price)

Big Joe Roma Chair is great fun for you and your family. It’s made to mimic traditional chairs and sofas. The bean bag gives some comfortable seating blending in nicely with existing furnishings.

bean bag
  • Tough, water-resistant, stain-resistant, easily cleaned with damp cloth SmartMax Fabric
  • Filled with UltimaX Beans that conform to you, not the other way around! Newer, smaller, and 20% denser UltimaX Beans
  • Double stitched and double zippers for added strength and safety
  • Available Colors: Zebra, Limo Black, Lime-anade
  • Product dimensions: 26″ x 36″ x 26″

“The cute girl does not come with the chair. On the plus side I already have one of those at home that likes to sit on the chair. It might have been awkward if it was as pictured. Chair is light and comfortable and holds up well to moderate abuse (child has taken to using it as a drum set). It’s bean bag like and maintains its chair shape pretty easily although its not stiff.” (by Garrett M. Datz)

Ace Bayou Purple Shiny Round Large Bean Bag offers great comfort being slightly larger than standard bean bags. It’s great choice for kids since the material is dirty and water resistant and doesn’t absorb anything.

Bean Bag Chair - 28 Inch Diameter
  • Slightly larger than standard bean bags
  • Great in family rooms, dorm rooms, or children’s rooms
  • Features a durable vinyl cover that is easy to wipe clean
  • Stuffed with 100-percent polystyrene beads, the bag has a volume of 6-1/2 cubes and can easily be refilled
  • Product dimensions: 30 x 16 x 30 inches
  • Available in a variety of colors

“I’m 19 and 5’3″ i fit on in perfectly. i bought it for my dorm its great for just relaxing. even my boyfriend who is 6 foot sits on it comfortable. it holds its form. and its not like packing peanut beans inside. it is so comfy. i love it :) great for studying relaxing and watching tv. it is actually alot bigger than i thought it would be. best thing i ever bought :)” (by Josie Camp)

Soft Suede Luxe Bean Bag features all the richness and beauty of suede derived from the newest fiber technology. If you add this cozy and stylish beanbag chair to your living room interior, you will have the great opportunity to relax and watch an interesting movie.

Soft Suede Luxe Bean Bag
  • Long Lasting & Durable
  • Made in the USA
  • Double stitched with double overlap folded seam
  • Double zippered bottom for added security
  • Easy care instructions: spot clean with a damp cloth
  • Product dimensions: 34 x 27 x 34 inches
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes

“We’re years into using these (I bought two), and they are fabulous. My kids have them in their room and use them on a daily basis, and I plop into them from time to time as well. It’s very comfortable and extremely durable. I’m yet to see a single piece of filling anywhere in the house. Size is good for an average size adult or a child of any age. They’re light so easily portable, and keep their shape with only the occasion fluff up required.” (by Peffinger)

Wetlook Bean Bag will let you jump into the cool, refreshing comfort. The chair features outrageously fun, shiny and entertaining colors that all ages can enjoy.

Wetlook Bean Bag
  • Constructed with high quality shiny vinyl
  • Made in the USA
  • Double stitched with double overlap folded seam
  • Double zippered bottom for added security
  • Easy to clean
  • Product dimensions: 25 x 25 x 25 inches
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes

“Great bean bag for kids. The colors are great, and the adult size is a perfect size for young teenagers. The bean bag does come over stuffed, so you will probably need to take out some of the styrofoam balls to make it more comfortable. This makes it easier to sit in and have back and head support. I also like that the material is a wipe clean material, no fuss.” (by C. Rugg)

Cozy Sack Bean Bag Chair will serve as an excellent substitute for two or three chairs since even four people can place on this Amazon bean bag. Thanks to this wonderful chair-sofa you can create a perfect conversation zone in your living room.

  • Machine washable micro suede cover
  • Filled with our own specially designed Cozy Foam
  • Includes inner liner with child safety zipper
  • Requires a 8′ X 4′ floor space
  • Made in the USA by Cozy Sack
  • Available in chocolate

“Perfect for the TV room for my 9 and 12 year olds. It is a little bit of a mess for the old folks to get in and out of but the young ones love it.. It is REALLY BIG!! Ours has plenty of stuffing. It does need fluffed regularly and is pretty heavy but manageable.” (by Robert Cowherd)

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