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Valentine’s Day Decor

St Valentine's Decor

Express your affection by creating these simple handmade gifts and decorations for Valentine’s Day. From heart-shape art to pretty Valentine’s Day decor for your mantel, these crafts and projects will be loved this holiday.

Simple Valentine’s Day Mantel with Sheet Music Wreath

A crafty wreath made from sheet music hung in a black frame accents this simple Valentine’s Day mantel. To make the wreath, Courtney (adiamondinthestuff.blogspot.com) split a foam wreath form in half, covered it in cream-color satin ribbon, and hot-glued two layers of sheet music cones to it in a circle. She wanted to keep her mantel decorations simple, so she pulled most of these items from around her house. White ceramic angels, a wrought-iron candleholder, and a small box with a quote (“Love: Two Hearts, One Love”) finish the display in style.

St Valentine's Decor

Heart Spools Valentine Plaque

Cozy charm spills from this Valentine’s Day accent. The easy plaque comes together quickly with only a few supplies.
Spray-paint a heart-shape wooden plaque a neutral color. Punch various-size circles from patterned paper, and glue them to the tops of vintage or crafts-store wooden spools in various sizes. Adhere the spools to the plaque, placing the tallest at the top and working to the shortest at the bottom. Wrap short lengths of thin wooden dowels with patterned paper. Fill the spaces between spools with the embellished dowels.

St Valentine's Decor

Valentine Votive

The candles are as sweet as your valentine mood when you add this accent. Fill plain glass votive candleholders with candy nonpareils for seasonal color. Small glass beads from the crafts store offer a similar look.

St Valentine's Decor

Heart-to-Heart Garland

Make a garland of hearts cut from fabric scraps layered and attached with iron-on adhesive. Punch small holes in the sides of the hearts and tie them together with ribbon.

St Valentine's Decor

Cascading Hearts

Chains of paper hearts cascading down lampshades or chandeliers show your lively Valentine’s Day attitude.
Fold a long, narrow strip of paper accordion-style. Sketch a heart pattern on the folded paper, extending the pattern slightly beyond the edges so the hearts stay attached when cut. Cut the outline of the heart pattern, and unfold. Secure a group of paper chains to a lampshade using transparent tape.
Note: For safety, use paper treated to resist heat, or keep the paper chains away from heat sources. The chains also make pretty mantel garlands.

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