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Wall Art Projects

wall art

Dates on Display

Commemorate milestones on birch disks painted with chalkboard circles, and display them in a frame. Simply cover a piece of foam core with a collage of patterned paper and place it in a picture frame. The style of the frame and patterns of the paper will determine what look you’re going for — elegant, fun, kid-friendly, and so on. Banners or other chalkboard-covered surfaces provide space for writing, while the birch disks are fit for individual numbers or letters.

string art

String Artwork

To make this tree-motif string art piece, coat a piece of plywood with black interior latex paint. Sketch a tree lightly in pencil. Begin pounding 1-inch white nails into the plywood along the design at random intervals. Tie nylon cord to the lowest, left-hand nail and begin looping the cord around the surrounding nails. Keep the nylon taught at all times. Work your way up the tree and extend out to each branch, ending at the top. Tie a tight knot at the top nail. Finish by tying 2-inch pieces of color cording to a few nails at the tips of the branches. Display in an oversize frame, or cut and miter molding to border the plywood.

key art

Keyed In

Unlock the secret to creative wall art with this quick and easy project. Apply white acrylic paint in vertical brushstrokes to the entire surface of a stretched canvas. While the paint is still wet, add a few thin gray lines and blend using vertical brushstrokes to create a striated appearance. When the paint is dry, use twine to tie a vintage key to the front of the canvas.

button art

Buttoned Down

Create a graphic statement with a canvas outfitted with oversize wooden buttons. First, paint the buttons with crafts paint; let dry. Apply white acrylic paint to the canvas in vertical brushstrokes. While the paint is still wet, add a few gray lines and blend the colors to create a striated appearance. Tie the buttons to the canvas with twine. Staple the twine to the back of the canvas stretcher frame to secure.

sun art

Paint-Chip Sunburst

This simple starburst can be re-created in a matter of hours. At a home center, select free paint chips in colors that coordinate with your space. Cut them into 1/2×2-inch strips. Use a compass to draw a 2-inch circle in the lower left-hand quadrant of a stretched canvas. Draw a 4-inch concentric circle around the first one (these will be your guides for applying the paint strips). Beginning in the upper right-hand quadrant of the canvas, adhere the strips to the canvas with a decoupage medium. They should appear to radiate out from the center of the penciled circles. As you work your way toward the circles, begin adding the darker strips. When you reach the 4-inch circle, attach only one end of the strip, allowing the other end to pop off the canvas to create depth. Finish in the center of the 2-inch circle with the darkest color.

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