Why Buy a Home Surveillance System? Shop for Best Surveillance Cameras on Amazon

January 31, 2014 at 3:37 pm

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Several decades ago when one talked about video surveillance, he/she imagined huge government buildings, offices of wealthy companies and banks. It was something one could see only in movies. Now, however, video surveillance systems can be seen everywhere – from a local grocery store to your neighbor’s driveway door. As technology gets more affordable, video surveillance systems have become a necessity not only for small business owners but also for home owners. Want to know more about home surveillance systems and best surveillance cameras? Read on to find out more!

Benefits of Video Surveillance

If video surveillance systems are so popular at homes, it is clear that home owners should see some benefits of having them. Let’s look through three main benefits of home surveillance systems.

  1. Allow the owner to see what’s happening at home, all the time. If you have to leave your kids alone, have pets, or just afraid of accidental fire, installing of several surveillance cameras is what you need. Thanks to the cameras, you will be able to see everything what’s happening at your home.
  2. Act as a deterrent to crime. It is evident that the most important reason why most people install home surveillance systems is safety of their homes. When a burglar sees a surveillance camera, he/she understands that he/she is watched and then can be found. Remember that prevention is the most important thing when it comes to crime.
  3. Help find and apprehend a suspect of a crime. Video surveillance systems are very helpful when it comes to finding and apprehending a suspect when a crime occurs.

Home Surveillance System Selection Guide

There is a lot of home surveillance systems on the market, and the greater part of them are great products; however, you should still know some facts about home surveillance systems to choose one right. Let’s look through some points a conscientious home owner should focus on.

  1. Number of Cameras. The number of cameras you need depends on the size of your home. The bigger your property, the more cameras you need. The good news is that you can shop additional cameras any time as most home surveillance systems allow managing them in the same network.
  2. Style of Camera. The style of your cameras depends not only on your home design choices but also on the effect you want to achieve. Some cameras are designed the way to be merely invisible, while most cameras can be easily spotted from afar and deter burglars.
  3. Indoor or Outdoor Camera. Don’t forget that indoor/outdoor home surveillance cameras are different. Outdoor ones protect homes from burglars, trespassers, car thieves, etc., while indoor ones serve as a precautionary measure and can capture footage of any intruder.
  4. Day or Night Camera. Now, most cameras feature true day/night visibility and can see everything in complete darkness; however, don’t forget to check it when you buy one.
  5. Installation Place. Home surveillance systems are not bulky, so don’t be afraid of wires and cables all over your place. Most cameras are hassle-free and can be installed quick and easy. The best places where you should put a camera are: (a) entrances and exits; (b) high-traffic rooms, such as a kitchen, a family room, or a living room; (c) rooflines and exterior eaves; (d) garage and driveway doors; (e) outdoor buildings, such as barns, guest houses, pool houses, etc.
  6. Important Features. When it comes to shopping for a home surveillance system, the maximum improving of the user experience is important as it can save your home from intruders. For instance, you can go for IP surveillance video camera with remote monitoring, great scalability, and excellent megapixel image quality.

Best Surveillance Cameras on Amazon: Guaranteed Quality and Safety. Buy Now

If you are sure that a home surveillance system is what you need but don’t know how to choose one, don’t be afraid as we have found some options for you. Check out top 4 surveillance cameras on Amazon below!

Lorex CVC6945 Vantage Indoor/Outdoor Color Security Camera (Black)

Lorex CVC6945&nbsp

The Lorex CVC6945 Vantage is our top choice. This indoor/outdoor color security camera won’t disappoint the most conscientious owner as it is a true, versatile surveillance solution. With 480 TV Lines, you get crisp and clear high-res footage, while 30 covert IR LED’s guarantee great performance in complete darkness. The night vision feature is based on 75ft that guarantees clean image.

In addition to high-res perspective and powerful night vision, the Lorex CVC6945 Vantage is easy for indoor and outdoor installation, while its features guarantee that you get great footage clarity in low light conditions. More than that, the camera is discrete and covert, hard to see at night. It sports durable housing that can withstand not only any weather conditions but also vandals. Push “BUY NOW” button to learn the details, buy Lorex CVC6945 Vantage.

GW Security Professional 1/3-Inch Sony Effio CCD 700TVL Outdoor Security Camera

Effio CCD 700TVL&nbsp

The Sony Effio CCD 700TVL home surveillance camera is what you need if you crave for enhanced professional features and excellent image processor. This camera is equipped with a powerful sensor that can catch any motion in low light conditions thanks to perfect horizontal resolution, IR LEDs by Lines Minimum Illumination and electronic shutter.

The camera has not only wonderful picture quality (footage is videotaped in high-res) but also consumes minimum power. The Sony Effio CCD 700TVL is difficult to see at night. Push “BUY NOW” button to learn the details, buy Sony Effio CCD 700TVL.

Dropcam Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera


The Dropcam is a great choice if you need an indoor surveillance camera to control what your kids and pets do while you are out. This cloud-based WI-FI video monitoring camera is easy to install! Just remove it from the box, connect it to your WI-FI network, name your device, and create an account. After that, you can be sure that you will always be connected to people, pets, and places.

The Dropcam videotapes high-res video in 720p HD. It has a great field of view (107 degrees diagonal), as well as features Night Vision and Zoom. The Cloud Video Recording feature guarantees that you won’t miss a thing as you can review footage, make clips, and receive smartphone notifications through a special Dropcam app. The good news is that you can observe your home from your smartphone, tablet, or PC, switch on/off the camera based on schedule, and many more. Push “BUY NOW” button to learn the details, buy Dropcam.

GW Security IR Night Vision Waterproof Bullet Outdoor Security Camera

GW Security Camera&nbsp

If you are looking for the sturdy night vision outdoor camera, the IR Waterproof Outdoor camera is definitely what you need. This surveillance camera guarantees that you not only will see everything even in the complete darkness but also use it for years to come. The camera is durable enough to withstand gun shots, as well as heavy rains, blizzards, and other weather effects.

The IR Waterproof Outdoor is not only durable but also high-tech. The camera features 520TVL 1/3-Inch Sony CCD 3.6 wide angle lens with excellent high-res technology. The color camera with built-in Auto gain Control and Auto Electronic Shutter won’t disappoint you with footage quality in low Lux conditions. Push “BUY NOW” button to learn the details, buy IR Waterproof Outdoor.

To sum it up, a home surveillance system is what a clever home owner needs. With surveillance cameras installed all over your home, you can feel safe against burglars, thieves, trespassers, and vandals. Thanks to the surveillance cameras, you raise neighborhood awareness, monitor your kids and place, increase safety, rely on 24/7 alerts, and get peace of mind. Don’t forget the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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